Neal Morse

I’ve always admired Neal Morse‘s songwriting and his music moves me like no other.

This is a French Horn Medley of some of his most memorable and beautiful themes, in 2 parts,
including material from his solo albums as well as his Spock’s Beard years…without forgetting the Transatlantic masterpieces !


– The Temple of the Living God
– Snow theme
– The Creation
– At The End of the Day
– Interlude
– Power in the Air
– All of the Above
– Overture No. 1
– At The End of the Day
– God’s Theme
– The Door
– Author Of Confusion
– The Conflict
– The Doorway
– The Conflict
– Love Beyond Words
– The Conclusion
– Reunion
– The Great Nothing
– The Temple of the Living God
– Stranger in Your Soul


– Transformation
– The Door
– Help Me | The Spirit and the Flesh
– The Storm Before The Calm
– Sweet Elation
– Lifeline
– Reunion
– The Door
– Father of Forgiveness
– It’s Alright / Rejoice
– The Separated Man
– Sing It High
– Rejoice
– The Land of Beginning Again