The Epic Final Fantasy V Medley

The Final Fantasy V soundtrack is another jewel in Nobuo Uematsu’s amazing body of work.
It contains so many incredible pieces that I knew I would eventually make an Epic Medley out of it.
And for this particular medley I had the idea of inviting some guests to perform solos on very specific songs !


* Ahead On Our Way
* The Dragon Spreads Its Wings
* Royal Palace
* Mambo De Chocobo
* Run !
* The Fierce Battle
* Danger !
* Intention Of The Earth
* Goodnight
* Tenderness in the Air
* The Airship
* The Battle
* Harvest
* The Decisive Battle
* The Last Battle
* The Fire-Powered Ship
* The New Origin

* The Day Will Come
* Home Sweet Home

Full Credits

HatTrax – Bass

Freijman – Electric Cello

8BitBrigadier – Flute & Piccolo

Aclayton95 – Double Seconds and Triple Guitars Steel Pans

Shinainaru – Violin, Viola, Cello & Vocals

SongeLeReveur – Guitar & Glockenspiel

Romain Greffe – Keyboards

DrPez12 – Banjo

Chris McKnight – Trombone

Marc Papeghin – Drums, French Horn, Trumpet, Guitar, Irish Whistle, Melodica & Piano

Original Music by Nobuo Uematsu 植松伸夫

Arranged, Produced & Mixed by Marc Papeghin