If one of your piece needs french horn or trumpet tracks/arrangements

or if you’re simply not satisfied with the sometimes not realistic-enough VSTs,

don’t hesitate to contact me via the Contact page to discuss it !

The recordings I provide are noiseless, clean and dry.

They can be recorded in any format ( usually 48Khz/24Bit WAV)

Mics used : Sennheiser MD 421 and Shure SM27


Solo French Horn recorded for
the Symphonic Tribute to Haken

French Horn recorded
for the Twilight Symphony
Trumpet & French Horn recorded
for the indian movie Amara Kaaviyam

French Horns and Trumpet
on the score for Revenge of Kali,
composed by D. Ledan and J. Refalo

French Horn Solos
Music composed by Iain Kelso

French Horns on
“Have Yourself a Little Merry X-mas”,
arranged by Daniel Nosewicz
French Horn Quartet
composed by Oliver Mathes

Solo French Horn
on a Chrono Cross cover